New to Kakela Makai? Thinking of buying/building? Got questions?


If you’re new to Kakela Makai, maybe thinking about buying a lot and building your “Dream Home” here in “Paradise”, then you probably have questions; tons and tons of questions. Digging through the documents: CC&Rs, By-laws, Association Rules, Design Requirements, etc. can be so time-consuming and confusing. Plus, if you’re considering building a home, you probably have, or should have, lots of questions concerning the design review, permitting & building processes here on this little island surrounded by a 2,400 mile moat.

If you have questions, we can help. email us at: We’ll do our best to answer your questions – or – find someone who can – or – point you in the right direction to get an answer. We’re really good at things related to design, permitting and construction in Kakela Makai and not too bad when it comes to more general questions like: Why don’t I see mailboxes in K.M.? Is on-street parking allowed, if so, where? If I build on the lot I’m considering, can the person owning the vacant lot across the street build tall enough to block my view? The lot I’m considering has tall trees on neighboring properties blocking its view – can we have them cut down? If someone walks a dog, is poop clean-up required by law? What do you do about chickens?

You get the idea. If you have questions… send them here. We’ll do our best to get ‘um answered.

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